Lost, Missing & Stolen Pets 

I offer a full investigation service which will give you the best possible chance of finding, or retrieving, your lost or stolen pet - or from preventing it from being stolen in the first place. I can place a tracking device on your pet (be it dog, cat or horse) which would allow you to view their location and alert you immediately (via text message) if they should wander outside of pre-set boundaries. For horses, sensors can be placed on stable doors or gates which will send you a text message if it is opened. Cameras and other monitoring devices can also be placed inside stables, homes or out-buildings which can be viewed at any time via a smartphone, tablet or computer. For instance, if you receive a text message that a door or gate has been unexpectedly opened then you can instantly view the camera to determine the reason why using your smartphone. This not only gives peace of mind to you, but it could also alert you to any danger which your pet may be in. 

When a beloved pet goes missing it is usually a very traumatic experience for both the pet and the 'owner'. Anybody who thinks otherwise has either never had a pet that they have cared for, never had a pet which has gone missing, or simply lacks heart and compassion.

The sad fact is that thousands of pets go missing every year and most never make it back home. Official Police Data shows that 54% of owners never see their pets again! What we don't know is why.

Some pets do wander off; others become distracted (perhaps chasing something or following somebody they thought was you) then simply can't find their way back home. Some are involved in unreported accidents. Some pets are taken in by a family thinking that your dog or cat is a 'stray' (they're supposed to report them to the police or dog warden, but some people never bother). 

Another recent phenomenon which may account for the increasing numbers of pets which go missing is theft: dog-napping and cat-napping, which is sadly on the increase. Animals are stolen for a number of reasons:

  •  in the hope of claiming a reward;
  • to sell;
  •  to breed from so that they can make money from the several litters they expect your dog or cat to have;
  • to use as 'bait'.
This year alone has seen an alarming rise in the number of pets being stolen to train fighting dogs (known as 'training-bait').  In January 2015 a campaign was launched by Durham Police in response to the increasing number of dogs and cats being stolen by those involved in dog-fighting. Although this has been going on for many years, the scale in which pets are being stolen has increased significantly.

Official police data shows that on average at least 3 dogs and cats were stolen every day last year:

I realise that if you have a pet which goes missing, you will probably be in a very anxious and distressed state. You may not be able to afford the services of a professional Private Investigator. Don't worry. Being an animal lover I will help you in any way that I can. I have a sheet which I can email to you (for free) which will tell you exactly the steps you need to take in order to find your pet. In fact, this sheet will tell you exactly the steps I would take to find your pet. People tend to use my investigation services because it can be quite tedious and time-consuming work knocking on doors, searching people's gardens, sheds and garages, following up on various leads, etc.. If you have the time then there's nothing to stop you doing the work yourself. If you still reach a dead-end or get stuck, you can always give me a call and I won't even charge you for the advice! The only thing I ask is that if you do find your pet, could you please let me know - whether or not you're hiring me - as I will be using my contacts with the animal-search organisations and displaying your lost pet in several places. Also when somebody is reunited with their beloved pet it gives me a buzz, even more so if I know that I have helped in some way.

Some things you could do in the meantime:

Take a few photos of your pet and make a note of any distinguishing features. If your pet goes missing it will give you more of a chance of finding them.

Make sure your pet is micro-chipped and make sure all of your pets details are up to date with petlog.

If you are worried that your pet may be targeted (maybe they're an expensive or special breed), give me a call for advice.

Be vigilant: 

  • If you see somebody putting a pet into the back of a van (or car boot), make a note of the registration number and inform the police (if they won't act immediately, call me); 
  • If you see a strange van in the area, it wouldn't do any harm to make a note of the registration number and make of the vehicle.
  • If you notice somebody peering suspiciously over a garden fence (where you know a pet lives) and hang about suspiciously, let the neighbour know (discreetly) and call the police (or me, if they don't take you seriously enough); 
  • If you hear the sounds of a distressed animal coming from a car boot or back of a van, make a note of the registration number and call the police or RSPCA (or me if they try to fob you off).