Here are a few examples of work. Since all of my clients wish to remain anonymous, I will not give any names or details of clients or victims.  Specific examples are sub-headed under "Examples of Work" on the menu bar above.

Anti-Social Behaviour

I was contacted by a chap who was having trouble with gangs of youths who were making his life miserable. They were, on a regular basis, targeting his house with missiles (small stones, eggs, vegetables, etc.). This might seem trivial to some, but this was causing this chap immense distress and leading to serious medical problems for both him and his wife. When he had reached the end of his tether he had tried confronting them, but as soon as he had left the house, they began directing the missiles towards him! This made him even more of a target for the youths and the problems subsequently escalated. This chap felt like a prisoner in his own home and it was causing so much stress and anxiety that my client and his wife were both prescribed anti-depressants - and they were not in the best of health to begin with! He had called the police and the street wardens on numerous occasions, but as soon as the youths saw them coming they would run off, only to return later to continue their malicious torment! The police and local authority cited lack of evidence as an unwillingness to act and suggested that he keep a diary!

The chap called me as a last resort to see if there was anything which I could do.

I parked up some distance away from my client's house and waited for the youths to arrive. I had given my client instructions not to intervene in any way (the safety of my client is always paramount). I monitored the situation and recorded the youths anti-social behaviour.

Having gathered the necessary evidence, I next discovered the address of the ring-leader, who it turned out lived with his parents in a very respectable part of the town.

The next day, when the lad in question was at school, I called at his address to speak to his father. I explained the situation and showed him the video evidence. His father was very shocked to witness his son's victimisation and anti-social behaviour. I informed him that my client didn't want to go to the police, but would if this didn't stop.

The father was very apologetic and gave assurances that this would not happen again. The father asked for my client's address so that he could apologise personally to him. I, of course, checked with my client before giving the father my client's telephone number (though the son knew where my client lived anyway).

I received a telephone call that evening from my client who told me that as soon as the youth had returned from school he was duly frog-marched around to my client's house (probably receiving a severe reprimand first from his father) and they had both apologised unreservedly to my client. The son was especially apologetic and had said that he hadn't realised, at the time, the harm he had been causing to my client: he had done it without thinking to show off to his friends, thinking it was funny at the time. He did promise though that this would never happen again.

The anti-social behaviour towards my client stopped and the two families are now apparently quite good friends.

Some time later I was passing my client's house and called in to see him and his wife.

My client and his wife have stopped taking anti-depressants and their health has dramatically improved. They told me that it was like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

The cost to my client for his life back?

Would it surprise you to learn that it was less than £200? 

It may have been only a few hours 'work' for me, but it meant the world to my client.

Rogue Workmen Scams

A chap contacted me suspecting that his mother was being duped and asked me to check it out for him (he was at work and couldn’t get away). The mother had apparently agreed for some ‘workmen’ who were ‘in the area’ to lay a new driveway for her. The son suspected that she was being scammed. I left immediately to visit the diligent workforce.

On the way I picked up a friend. I needed his help for two reasons: firstly, he’s a qualified builder and could tell me if the work was being done properly (and at the right price); and secondly, he’s a big bloke who knows how to look after himself in case things turned nasty. I had heard about some rogue Irish Travellers in the area who had been charging extortionate amounts for shoddy work that wouldn’t last beyond the next rain-fall.

We arrived there to find the workmen had already layed the foundation. I pretended to be the son of the mother I had been called out there to check on (something which you are legally allowed to do, by the way). The builder asked the workmen where the hard-core was. The foreman pointed to some fine black gravel and told the builder (though they didn’t know my friend was a reputable builder) that this was a special type of hardcore which all of the best building firms were now using, “it was a good job we had some left over from the last job.” Apart from trying not to laugh, I had heard enough and politely asked them to leave.

We waited around for a while to see if the ‘workmen’ would return for their ‘special hardcore’ they had left behind – they didn't. I informed the police that there were some scammers in the area and about what we had done.

I later found out that the same ‘workmen’ were arrested a week or so later after scamming and over-charging several other people. Some people are just too greedy.

It turns out that this job would have cost my client’s mother a few thousand pounds – nearly all of her life-savings.

The moral of the story is: if somebody comes knocking on your door and they happen to be in the area and they happen to notice that you have some work which needs doing (even though you probably don’t), don’t let them loose on your property. My advice would be not to speak to them at all (they can be quite manipulative). If you feel that you must speak with them, ask to see ID cards, credentials, what other jobs have they done in the area, which professional organisations are they a member of (ask for proof)?

The bottom line is if you want some work doing, get a quote from several reputable companies who have a string of local satisfied customers.

If it’s too late for that, call me.

Even if they have finished the job and left the property, if the work is not up to the standard that they had guaranteed it would be, I could still help you to claim your money back. 

Serving Legal Papers

I was instructed to serve urgent legal papers on behalf of a client. A simple enough job which I have done many times before. This one was a little more complicated than most, as the person who I was instructed to serve the papers to was not at the address supplied - and indeed proved to be highly elusive.

I knocked at the door of the address provided to me by my client and stated clearly by the court on the legal papers. When the door was answered I asked, in a friendly fashion (as I always do), for xxxx. I was informed that the address was a student accommodation and that nobody of that name lived there. I questioned all of the students living there and nobody seemed to know xxxx, even a student who had lived at that address for more than a year did not have any knowledge of xxxx, nor any forwarding address. I noticed a large pile of unopened post addressed to xxxx by the door waiting for collection. I knocked on the door of neighbours - nobody had heard of xxxx.

Next I found out the name of the lardlord of the property and interviewed them. The landlord confirmed that xxxx had moved out some 15 months previously and had not left a forwarding address or telephone number. This was not looking good. The landlord did inform me of the course which xxxx had taken at the university.

I spoke with the registrar at the university to uncover a forwarding address. The registrar informed me that they could provide such information, but only after authorisation from xxxx.

Specialist databases proved fruitless and revealed that xxxx was not registered on the electoral register and all of the other databases came back with the previous address. 

I also managed to get hold of xxxx's email address and did a reverse-email check to determine the address which the account was registered to - which was the address I already had!

Xxxx's facebook account (which hadn't been used for several months) and twitter account (which was up-to-date). both had photographs of xxxx and the twitter account revealed that xxxx was still resident locally. A break at last!

I made an appointment to see the boss at the offices of the Local Borough Council. After some to-ing & fro-ing the councillor revealed that they did not have an address different from the previous one (which xxxx had vacated 15 months previously).

I did manage to eventually locate the new address for xxxx using other means. Xxxx was very suprised when I knocked on the door. I recognised xxxx immediately from the twitter and facebook photographs. I double-checked to make sure it was xxxx I was speaking to, introduced myself, then presented the legal papers (unopened) into xxxx's hand. I explained what the papers were and pointed out the court date, emphasising how serious it would be if xxxx did not turn up to the court at the date and time specified. I enquired how xxxx was going to get to the court and offered some money to make sure xxxx turned up (not a bribe - it's known as 'conduct money'). I thanked the bemused xxxx and left whilst xxxx was still reading through the paperwork.